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Sigma Software v1.31.01 released some model added this version

Sigma Software v1.31.01 is out!

Qualcomm Platform Update:

1. Added Unlock via FTM-mode for the following ZTE models:
♦ Blade III Pro
♦ Blade E / V956
♦ Blade G
♦ Blade V
♦ Cosmote Xplore
♦ N880G
♦ N880F
♦ N881F
♦ N881E
♦ TWM Amazing A2
♦ V880G
♦ V889F
♦ V955

From now on you can unlock those devices via 2 modes:
either via download mode, or via FTM mode (much faster).
Repair IMEI via download mode only.

2. Fast Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI database updated with:
♦ ZTE Blade: TM_P729TV1.0.0B07
♦ ZTE V880e: GB_ENTEL_P772A11V1.0.0B05

TI Platform Update:

Added Unlock support for new firmware version for:
♦ Motorola MB520: KOBE_U3_5.35.0

MTK Platform Update:

Following devices added to the list of supported:
♦ NGM Forward Infinity (MT6589)
♦ Clockphone Rider M810 (MT6525)
♦ BLU Jenny TV T172T (MT6525)

Everyone has their own dreams.
We're helping you to turn them into goals and therefore make 'em a reality!

Download Sigma Software v1.31.01

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