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iview 754tpc-cyberpad 754tpc factory firmwares update and tested download link

his is a 7 inch dual camera a13 f9 type of tablet

the factory firmware download site is very informative and does support several other iview models but has terrible download speeds so I have mirrored the new firmware update from the iview support site to make this update process much smoother for you for the same model I have

excellent tutorial for how to flash this model including pictures

the mirror for the iview 754tpc 4.1 upgrade - see the iview site for 4.0 version firmware
YSL-F727-754TPC-A(4.1)_dblgt2005_V2.0.6_20130620_hdj - Download - 4shared - thomas jordon

here are some pics of this model

after the update the only thing changed is the android version - the home screen and wallpaper is same as 4.0 pics but the device being Jelly Bean does have several more features and usb debugging is set to on automatically in this updated firmware

now you can use the Uberizer and totally customize the device to your likings - here is a teaser for you of what the new v1.7 Uberizer [soon to be released] can do to it

full root using option 'c' then '17' in Uberizer

nexus 10 for extended app compatibility - new added feature only available in the new upcoming Uberizer v1.7 release

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