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Nokia Sl3 Unlock Service

1. Download NSS Pro (v 0.48 minimum required) and extract to a directory on your computer(do not run NSS from WinRar directly!)
2. Start NSS Pro, then go to Simlocks, then Settings
3. Check the 'Auto download extra files on program startup

4. Close the program, then start it again. Please wait for the download to finish

5. Power up your phone and connect to the PC via USB cable
6. Select OVI mode, make sure all drivers are installed correctly
7. If all ok, the phone should appear in the usb devices list at the bottom of
NSS, when USB connection is selected
8. Click on the device, then press the Detect button. If all ok, the IMEI number and the
phone model should be displayed in the bottom bar of the program

9. Go to Simlocks, then BB5, click on the Read button
10. Number of details should be printed, including that your phone has 15 digits unlock code
and it's locked, including the MCC+MNC of the Network, so you can continue

11. Click on the Submit to Server button, it's a long process, more drivers will be installed.
12. It is ok to get error in step 11, you can try 2-3 times or more, until you get error that
you need to save your un/pw

13. This means your phone is supported for unlock, you can go here and pay with your PayPal account or a credit card, please click on the unlock service.
14. Please allow few hours for the payment to be processed, when done you will receive an e-mail
confirming the payment and providing you with user name and password
15. Then connect the phone again, and go to Simlocks, then SL3 Servers
16. Click Update, then select GenieProjects server by clicking once on it

17. Enter your User Name and Password in the boxes below, then click Save
18. Now go to the BB5 tab and click Submit
19. You should see that your phone is submitted for processing

20. After that you can check the status of the process by clicking again the Check button in SL3 BF

21. After few hours the status of your job should change from idle/active to done, and you should see also an unlock code

22. Go to the SL3/BB5, manually copy the code to the Code box (just he code, 15 digits), select as
level 7 and click Upload

You are suppose to get success. If you get an error, try to load the code using the phone keypad, but make sure you enter the full string from the screen (#pw+...)

If you still getting error, you can request all seven levels from the server via the 'Get cod' button in the Simlock->SL3 Servers tab, just make sure you enter your IMEI first. Usually entering of level 1 via the phone keypad will fix a problematic phone.

That's it! If you like, you can check the status of the locks by pressing Read again

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