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Coby Kyros MID7010 (MID 7010) FACTORY RESET, Rooting, Android Market

Coby Kyros MID7010 (MID 7010) FACTORY RESET, Rooting, Android Market

Below is the procedure to FACTORY REST, ROOT AND MArket installation for COBY KYROS MID7010 or MID 7010 Tablet owners stuck at white boot screen OR android OS not loading after any manipulation with the firmware OR interested in rooting and installing google market.

1. Turn OFF the device
2. Make sure its turned OFF
3. Press and hold simultaneously POWER, BACK (return) and HOME buttons
4. The device turns on with COBY logo, keep pressing......
5. After about 10 to 15 seconds the display asks to press the keys again within 5 secs to factory reset the device.
6. LEAVE the power button now while still pressing HOME and BACK keys
7. FActory reset is initiated!

1. Run
2. Will prompt to force install drivers ( if the adb device drivers not available), accept and sit back! the program will not respond for a while 10-15mins and prompts back that the drivers are installed.
3. Run root!
4. Open root explorer or any file browser accepting root, browse to system/app copy all files in attached folder (apks) here, if prompts to rewrite( do not allow!)
5. Change permissions of the copied files as in other apks in system/app folder.
6. Google market app appears in app drawer.
7. Run and Enjoy!

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