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BlackBerry 9630 Quick Installer

BlackBerry Quick Installer 9630 ( Repair Red LED)

It is important to inform you that what this installer is to remove all information from the BlackBerry and then re- install your system so I recommend removing SIM and Micro SD card for security

The quick installer is a file that will help you repair your BlackBerry from any software problem that has this , one of the most common problems is when our BlackBerry does not start and left with only the red LED , another common problem is the constant reboot either when it starts to turn the loading bar only fill half and our BlackBerry restarts, but in the latter it is possible that the problem is not in the software if not on the plate , in this case it would be good take him somewhere for repair .
NOTE : This quick installer is one of the most difficult I play search time. In this forum section installers find fast but this is not why I decided to share it with you

The instructions are in the zip .
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