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Motorola XT615 Official Rom (include arabic)

❝Use at your own risk! No liability for damages!/ droidevelopers do not take any responsibilty if you brick or damage your phone using files that can be found on this site. It's all on your own risk❞

Quick Start Guide:

1. RSD Lite installlieren and start
2. Unzip ROM archive
3. Motoluxe in Flash mode (press power, volume down, and camera button at the same time) start and connect to the PC
4. The unzipped ROM file in RSD Lite select and Flash
5. Wait until the operation is finished and restart Motoluxe

RSDLite 6.0 And MTK Patch20 RSD Lite 6.0

Filename: IRM-1670-0-4017-A01_BFM_service.sbf
Creation Date: 04/27/2012 13:36:04
File size: 382013302
RAM DL Version: v0x000000

Android version: 2.3.7
Platform: UMTS MSM7227
HAB Type: Signed Production

Arabic language

Branding: Retail Germany
Version: 1540-0-4073
Android version: 2.3.7
Bootloader version: N/A

Branding: T-Mobile Germany
Version: 1540-0-4069
Android version: 2.3.7
Bootloader version: N/A

Branding: Orange España
Version: 152A-0-4036
Android version: 2.3.7
Bootloader version: N/A

Branding: Orange France
Version: 152A-0-4034
Android version: 2.3.7
Bootloader version: N/A

Branding: Personal Argentina
Version: 1590-0-2008
Android version: 2.3.7
Bootloader version: N/A

The bottom package name: XT615_IRM-154B-0-7009-A02_BFM
Android version: 2.3.7 ( For CEE )
Version number :1-154B-7009
This package features:
BNM bottom package should be a small upgrade of the 1540 version of the release date for 4.19
This version can be used A02 landscaping package
3. Compared with the previous version (1-1540-7009) fluency improved significantly especially unlock the native desktop with native
thanks to backq1


Branding:Hong Kong
version number is 1_540_5013 English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. Google framework.
At work, so only brush machine, no shots. -
Just comes with the Chinese, with Argentina almost eliminating the need for their finished work.
Than the State Bank, no the few mess - I do not like a few plugs in the bottom bag Landlords and several other applications useless to me, as a relatively clean.

Branding: CEE Retail
Version: IRM-167A-0-4053-A03_BFM

Branding: CEE Retail
Version: IRM-1540-0-7009-A02_BFM
Android version: 2.3.7
Version Number: 1_540_7009
Date: February 24, 2012

download :IRM-1540-0-7009-A02_BFM password:70111620
This package features:
1. Repair on the version (1_37I_7009) call
Life improved
Than the previous version 115mb switch machine speed optimization, reduced junk software
4. Joined the Task Manager
5. Overall fluency improve stability
The same as the final version number of this end of the package version number with the May 2012 OTA upgrade 6.

Branding: GERMAN
Android version: 2.3.7

download: IRM-167C-0-4036-A01_BFM

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